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Welcome to Latitude AOM!

Latitude Academy of Management (AOM) was established in Tokyo in 2015. ‘Latitude’ represents the concept of circulating around the globe.

Latitude AOM’s mission is to create a Global Inspiration Platform (GIP) for professionals in Japan. Our passion is to share with you happiness, courage and then success, in the most positive way.

Latitude AOM provides inspiring and innovative business programs for busy professionals. You don’t have to take a career break and travel overseas to receive top notch business education. You can benefit from the world-class business learning environment with the programs of Latitude AOM in Japan.

What You Can Achieve with Us


Our programs are delivered in English by experts of each field. You will insure your future success by building the fundamental skills of a global leader through our broad range of programs. Latitude AOM provides different ways of helping you to learn and practice based on selected business topics:

Our Workshops will help you develop core business skills including Presentation & Communication, Negotiation & Decision Making, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Global Strategy, and Marketing. Our instructors will help you to learn the skills you need for business success and advancement. You will also receive customized feedbacks from them.

The Forums are to help you develop thinking and mindset.  The speakers are leading business experts and influential thought leaders who will inspire you in a variety of ways to be innovative and global-minded in your work and career.

The Seminars are highly interactive and target learning by doing. You will learn and apply business English communication and skills in practical and specific situations. Our instructors will support you to express yourselves and listen to others with inspiration and confidence.

Overseas courses are for short-term business training & learning experiences outside Japan.  You will have the opportunity to join courses with worldwide business professionals at a well-recognized educational institution.

Corporate Programs are for training & learning solutions for corporations and organisations. We have experts of selected business fields with strong track records to support businesses to transform and succeed. Upon special requests, we offer flexible training programs to meet your business needs.


Our program participants are experienced professionals with business English communication skills and different leadership levels:

  • Level 1 as Executive Leaders /C-Suites
  • Level 2 as Senior Leaders /Functional Leaders
  • Level 3 as Mid-Career Professionals /Prospective Leaders

Whatever stage you have reached in your career, our program prepares you with the drive, insights, and skills for your next career or organizational transformation.

Our philosophy is that we work with people who WANT to learn and succeed!

The Origin of Latitude AOM

Latitude AOM founder Sophie Wang holds a Master of Education from the Institute of Education, University College London. She has been working extensively in Japan and Europe, with motivated business people eager to improve themselves and their career. As a global career advisor supporting leaders of all levels to succeed, she understands that changing from one job to another is not the only solution to career success. She knows that the education we received during our university years helps us to get started; continuous self-education helps us succeed.

With the vision of optimizing global success for business professionals, she has brought together a dynamic international team in Tokyo to offer business programs delivered in English. With the warm support and expertise from leaders and speakers all over the world, Latitude AOM was born.