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Latitude Academy of Management (AOM) was established in Tokyo in 2015. ‘Latitude’ represents the concept of circulating around the globe. Latitude Academy of Management AOM’s mission is to skill up professionals with global business & communication workshops, forums, and seminars in English. We invite world-class scholars, speakers, and executives to inspire and support professionals to achieve their fullest potential in Japan. Latitude AOM provides inspiring and innovative business programs for busy professionals. You don’t have to take a career break and travel overseas to receive top notch business education. You can benefit from the world-class business learning environment with the programs of Latitude AOM in Japan.

What You Can Achieve with Us


Our programs are delivered in English by experts of each field. You will insure your future success by building the fundamental skills of a global leader through our broad range of programs. Latitude AOM provides different ways of helping you to learn and practice based on selected business topics:

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Dr. Bob Tobin

Professor Emeritus, Keio University

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Garr Reynolds

Author & Professor, Kansai Gaidai University

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Tiziana Alamprese

Marketing Director, FCA -Fiat Chrysler Automobiles- Japan

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Ken Moroi

CEO, Vranken Pommery Japan

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